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Project Description
NET 2.0 AT and SMS Library with PlugIn Support
Dreamworld Studio
Author: hesicong
Contact me: hesicong2005(at)

This is a .NET 2.0 AT ibrary and SMS/EMS library with Plug-In support. You can develop your own Plug-In to support multi phones.
ATCommandBase is a class to execute AT commands.
CommPhone is a class with minimal set of functions of a phone. Usually be used in phone detect.
PhoneControllerSDK is a SDK for you to develop your own phone plugin.
PluginForNokia is a DEMO PLUGIN for demostrate how to use these classes.
ShortMessageService is a class for decoding and encoding SMS.
Test AT is a test project offering some Test Cases to test AT,SMS Read, Write, send. Be sure Test Case 3 and Test Case 4 for SMS Receving and Sending should be passed!
CodeDemoForCSharp is a C# project for some C# developer.

Be free to use use my code, and please let me know if bug was found. And if you correct it, please give a copy of your code.
Commerial use is unaviable without my permission. But if you use my library and create something, please give me a copy!

And ultimately, thank you to use my code, thank you to visit my homepage!

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